Meet our chefs

09 Jun Meet our chefs

Le Grenier à Pain is not your ordinary bakery. Our premises and world class equipment is evidence of this. Not only are we proud of our heritage and world-class products, but our 100% Kenyan production team is a major achievement that we are immensely proud of.

Meet Agnes Ooko, our chief pastry. Agnes has previously worked in a 5* hotel as well as several other establishments but she says Le Grenier à Pain has raised the bar in the Kenyan bakery scene.

She reiterates that Le Grenier à Pain is the best place for a chef to practice and output traditional French artisanal methods of baking because of the proper equipment and the friendly work environment that Managing Director Yan Welffens is working tirelessly to achieve.

By flying Agnes and the chief baker, Wallace, to France for a month’s training, Le Grenier à Pain has invested heavily in their staff to ensure that they only deliver the best quality. This training has gone a long way in growing Agnes’ baking artisanship.

‘Kenya is still growing and the training in France was a great experience. I mean, France is renowned for the art of baking. Kenya is headed in the right direction with the opening of Le Grenier à Pain’, says Agnes.

Agnes’s final words for young upcoming pastry chefs in Kenya are, – ‘Stick to your dreams and keep your passion burning. Pastry chefs are rare and on demand. Your time to shine is now!’


Meet Wallace Munayi, our chief baker who is in charge of baking breads, croissants, specialty breads and savouries like quiches. Wallace may be of small stature but he bakes up a storm. He has also previously worked in a 5* hotel and rose up the ranks because of his curiosity and passion.

Wallace’s excitement for baking was at its peak when he got to interact with the award winning team of Le Grenier a Pain in Angers.

His go-getter attitude drove him to prove critics, who claimed it is impossible to produce quality bread using locally produced flour, wrong.

‘Baking is all in the technique and the method. From the handling of the dough, the fermentation period and the baking temperatures’, says Wallace.

Wallace is grateful for having been given the opportunity to move to bakery by his former Executive Chef. He also urges other bakers to mentor others with the same passion to bake.

At Le Grenier à Pain, we make the most out of fresh local ingredients from scratch. We create French quality standards, made by Kenyans.